The – World peace, or toad in the hole?

The says that they are an email lottery, and if you sign up to receive just one email a day from another subscriber, then you are automatically entered into the draw to be the author of that email.

Their tagline is “If you had the chance to speak to one million people, what would you say?” I was kind of inspired. I thought that the idea that people could use this platform to spread messages of hope, tolerance, love and human kindness across the entire world was a great idea, and so I signed up at All you have to do is enter your email address, and you’re done.

Today’s message was from a guy who “wasn’t expecting to be given the chance” to email us all, and who by his own admission “can’t really cook” and yet he decided to send the world a recipe for toad-in-the-hole.

Yesterday I had pearls of wisdom such as “you should brush your teeth before you eat, or wait 30 minutes after (for PH reasons).

How funny that people see an opportunity to message the masses, and think this is the important stuff. The masses, at last count, by the way are 18,331.

I do hope that the subscribers numbers sour, and those who get the chance to write up their game, because it could be like the world’s speakers corner.


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