UX v privacy

If I register for a site, and give that site my personal email address, then shouldn’t that site automatically log me in to my account if I click on a link embedded within an email they have sent me?

My smartphone and tablet are still full of wonder to me after all these years, and they have undoubtedly streamlined my life and made me more productive. However, it really irritates me if I receive an email to my personal email account and a link within designed to make me re-visit said site takes me to the login page!

I may be mildly curious as to what content lies beyond the link, but if I get to the login page, I’ll just move on.

M…I…k…e…SHIFT…#+=…UNDERSCORE … N..i…c…h… Just log me in would you!!!

I realise even as I type that this makes me sound super-impatient, which I guess is true, but I can’t be the only one abandoning a user journey at the login page can I?

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