Tip for anybody worried about their iPad 3 battery life

When I first got my iPad 3 (The new iPad) it had some charge in it out of the box, and I charged it from that point to 100% I used it a lot the next day, and the battery seemed to be draining far quicker than the iPad 2 ever did, and it wasContinue reading “Tip for anybody worried about their iPad 3 battery life”

Examples of ‘pay it forward’ in marketing

I read a lovely article yesterday by Nicola Clark at Marketing Magazine titled¬†‘Why Brands Should Pay it Forward’¬†which you can read by clicking on the link. You can follow Nicola on Twitter also @nickykc The article reminded me of two specific examples of ‘pay it forward’ type thinking that I wanted to share, and whileContinue reading “Examples of ‘pay it forward’ in marketing”