Apple’s new iPhone 4S feature could hinder mobile content monetisation

There are two main types of mobile page impression in my book. Firstly, there are page impressions of your full site, that just happen to have been visited from a mobile device. (Mobile phone or tablet device). Secondly, there are page impressions of a mobile optimised site, from mobile devices. You could arguably segment further still, and sayContinue reading “Apple’s new iPhone 4S feature could hinder mobile content monetisation”

T-Mobile Parking Ticket

T-Mobile have done it again with another highly entertaining piece of branded video! I came across this within an expandable super-banner on the front page of I launched, and wanted to share it with the world, which is where this campaign fell down a bit for me, because although it was in a YouTubeContinue reading “T-Mobile Parking Ticket”

iPhone 4GS unveiled

Okaaay then, no iPhone 5 launch just yet! Instead we have the iPhone 4s, which looks like the iPhone 4 on the outside, but the 4S has a number of new features that should be just enough to get the current iPhone 3GS customers to renew their soon to be expired 2 year contract. Here’s the unveilingContinue reading “iPhone 4GS unveiled”

The future of mobile communications is video

When the majority of the UK population had either a dial-up internet connection or a fairly crap broadband one, watching video online could be a frustrating experience. Then connection speeds increased, and video exploded all over the internet. The growth of online video advertising is still rising at breakneck speeds, and I fully expect itContinue reading “The future of mobile communications is video”

iPhone 5 details to be revealed soon? Exciting!

We’ve all heard the rumours of what the iPhone 5 will offer, over and above its previous models. I am going to have a guess at the following: > Supercharged retina display > Longer battery life > Thinner, lighter, with a larger screen and edge to edge glass > 4G ready > NFC technology >Continue reading “iPhone 5 details to be revealed soon? Exciting!”

ESPN Goals to become advertiser-funded

ESPN Goals, the app that allows football fans to see goal scored in the Premier League shortly after they are scored, is to be offered for download free of charge from the start of the 2011-12 season. That then passes the onus onto the commercial team to sell enough advertising to make the app profitable,Continue reading “ESPN Goals to become advertiser-funded”


Hi and welcome! Video & Mobile are my passion and expertise, but while writing my blog I have increasingly found myself wanting to write about other digital stuff as well. So, I present to you Making Digital Connections, which will have a focus on video & mobile but will also scan the wider digitalContinue reading “Welcome!”