Five second marketing; ideas for a distracted world

In 2006, Lord Maurice Saatchi gave a speech at Cannes about “the death of modern advertising”, going on to explain that in the new digital world, brands needed to own a single word that epitomised their business to achieve cut through in a cluttered world. He called this concept One Word Equity. Back then, manyContinue reading “Five second marketing; ideas for a distracted world”

Mobile industry has to move beyond the click.

According to Google the average smartphone owner looks at their smartphone one hundred and fifty times a day, and more than half of the UK population now have a one which often stays with them day and night. The same study reveals that 84% of smartphone users notice mobile advertising, and 56% have performed aContinue reading “Mobile industry has to move beyond the click.”

Ashley Highfield on mobile at this year’s IAB Engage conference.

Only just found Ashley Highfield’s excellent presentation on mobile from this year’s IAB Engage conference. Well worth a watch: Key take outs:  More smartphone’s are sold currently than PC’s. 28% of all time spent on the internet is via a mobile device, but only 2-3% of advertising budgets are currently invested. UK has 45m mobileContinue reading “Ashley Highfield on mobile at this year’s IAB Engage conference.”

Apple’s new iPhone 4S feature could hinder mobile content monetisation

There are two main types of mobile page impression in my book. Firstly, there are page impressions of your full site, that just happen to have been visited from a mobile device. (Mobile phone or tablet device). Secondly, there are page impressions of a mobile optimised site, from mobile devices. You could arguably segment further still, and sayContinue reading “Apple’s new iPhone 4S feature could hinder mobile content monetisation”

The future of mobile communications is video

When the majority of the UK population had either a dial-up internet connection or a fairly crap broadband one, watching video online could be a frustrating experience. Then connection speeds increased, and video exploded all over the internet. The growth of online video advertising is still rising at breakneck speeds, and I fully expect itContinue reading “The future of mobile communications is video”

iPhone 5 details to be revealed soon? Exciting!

We’ve all heard the rumours of what the iPhone 5 will offer, over and above its previous models. I am going to have a guess at the following: > Supercharged retina display > Longer battery life > Thinner, lighter, with a larger screen and edge to edge glass > 4G ready > NFC technology >Continue reading “iPhone 5 details to be revealed soon? Exciting!”