Facebook’s mobile ad proposition

In my spare time I am making a documentary, and I need to reach a very niche audience in order to complete my work. I need to reach people who support Liverpool FC and who were at the Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield, on April 15th 1989. There were only 24,000 Liverpool fans there that day,Continue reading “Facebook’s mobile ad proposition”

Ashley Highfield on mobile at this year’s IAB Engage conference.

Only just found Ashley Highfield’s excellent presentation on mobile from this year’s IAB Engage conference. Well worth a watch: Key take outs:  More smartphone’s are sold currently than PC’s. 28% of all time spent on the internet is via a mobile device, but only 2-3% of advertising budgets are currently invested. UK has 45m mobileContinue reading “Ashley Highfield on mobile at this year’s IAB Engage conference.”

The future of mobile communications is video

When the majority of the UK population had either a dial-up internet connection or a fairly crap broadband one, watching video online could be a frustrating experience. Then connection speeds increased, and video exploded all over the internet. The growth of online video advertising is still rising at breakneck speeds, and I fully expect itContinue reading “The future of mobile communications is video”


Hi and welcome! Video & Mobile are my passion and expertise, but while writing my blog http://miketeevee.wordpress.com I have increasingly found myself wanting to write about other digital stuff as well. So, I present to you Making Digital Connections, which will have a focus on video & mobile but will also scan the wider digitalContinue reading “Welcome!”